Here’s How you can support Mission 22 Programs

Make a Donation

Direct donations are one of the most effective ways to help the mission. 85% of all donations go directly to Mission 22 Programs. Your support enables us to get veterans treatment when they need it most: Right now. Make your donation however you like:

  • Donate online by clicking the button below

  • Text the word “give” or “donate” to (615) 645-2451

  • Mail checks to:

    Mission 22
    17040 Pilkington Rd, Suite 200
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035

HOST an Event

Host an Event

Host an event to support Mission 22. This can be anything from a local car wash, a golf tournament, a marathon, or a bake sale. Events are a great way to create social impact in your community for veteran issues as well as help support Mission 22 Programs. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact us now.

Purchase Mission 22 GEAR

With each purchase of Mission 22 branded gear, you not only raise awareness about the mission to heal our nation’s warriors, but you’re also helping to fund that work. We use proceeds from our Mission 22 gear sales to support Programs for Vets and their Families. Shop now to support the Mission!

Shop to Support

From apparel to protein supplements to firearm cleaning – A portion of the goods and services you purchase from our Cause Marketing partners is donated to support Mission 22, empowering veterans, their families, and communities to heal.

Become a Cause Marketing Partner

Your business can be part of the mission to heal our warriors! Submit a proposal to our Cause Marketing Program. You decide how your business will donate, whether it’s a set amount annually, a percentage of sales quarterly, an employee-centered giving campaign, or anything in between. We provide photos, videos and messages to help you communicate your support for Mission 22, and together, we’ll help veterans get the treatment they need when they need it most.

Join the Ambassadors

Mission 22's volunteer Ambassadors are working to create impact in their communities across America. They host events, raise support and awareness, and are saving lives every day. To find out more and learn how to join the Ambassador program, click the button below.

Checks can be mailed to: 
Mission 22
17040 Pilkington Rd, Suite 200
Lake Oswego, OR 97035