Sabine Ward stood by his side as he struggled to adjust to civilian life. He was diagnosed with PTSD and haunted by the effects of war. When it grew overwhelming, he took his gun, waded into the pool behind their house, and pulled the trigger. A year later, she tried to finish a bottle of pills he had left behind. PTSD, it turns out, doesn’t just kill vets. It’s contagious. And eventually you realize it isn’t just the 22 who are dying. You start to understand that PTSD is an epidemic. It’s killing us all. 

Each family’s tale is eerily the same. And after hearing it over and over and over again, you think you’re beginning to arrive at an understanding. After seven days of walking through these war-torn spaces, you start to think you’re getting somewhere. But then you realize that during that week another 154 families have experienced the same tragedy. That 154 more lives have been lost. That 154
more homes have been turned into battlegrounds. We’re losing the war.

And so I found myself on the road home wondering why we aren’t talking more, doing more, demanding more. 

As this war rages and the casualty count climbs, I wonder what
it’s going to take for us to get in front of this.

And I wonder, as a country engaged in conflicts around the globe, when we’re going to stand up and fight the war that’s killing us in our own homes.

Tomorrow is too late. We’ll have lost another 22.


If you're a vet, this doesn't need to be your story. There's hope and help available. Click here for resources.






This project wouldn't have been possible if it weren’t for so many wonderful and passionate people who helped along the way.
To each of you, thank you for your contribution.

David Guttenfelder
Renee Lipsey and Family

Sabine Ward
Libby Busbee and Family
Courtney Clapper
Elizabeth Parker
Kalina Gatewood and Family
Darren & Patrica Womack
Alice Keating
Rachel De Ruyter
Sara Snider Papademtrieou
Magnus Johnson
Tom Spooner
Mike Kissel
Sara Dawdy
Chuck Porter


Jeff Steinhour
Gustavo Sarkis
Matt Davis
Daniel Pradilla
Autumn Hines
Aymi Beltramo
Rupert Samuel
Henry Gonzalez
Ethel Jones
Lisa Lee
Aubrey Larson
Jennifer Peil
David Whitney
David Hunter
Jessica Blumberg
Lauren Barger 
Jody McClean

Katie Kempner
Lydia Tirpak
Omar Quinones
Andy Hamm
Marsha Chin Loy
Derrick Yousefi
Mary Anne Kavjian
John Broe
Natalia Davila
Tristan Patterson
Jared Moossy
John Benet
Brian Carmody
Lisa Taucher
Carole Hughes

Nate Gross
Zach Kaigler

Carol Lynn Weaver
Melanie Gaglian
Robert Owens
Karena Ajamian
Kelly Bumbarger
Rhubie Jovanov
Damian Pelphre
Susie Boyajan
Matt Miller
Carter Nance
22 Too Many
Matthew O'Dell



If you lost a vet to suicide and would like to contribute, please use your social media channels to share a photo
of the “battlefield” where the suicide happened, briefly tell your vet’s story, and include #WarAtHome.