Then, after 20 years, I found myself coming home.



Like so many soldiers, I came home thinking I was leaving those conflicts behind me. I was wrong. When I got to America, I found myself confronted with the other side of war, and the reality that the military’s deadliest battlegrounds aren’t across the globe, but across
the street. 

Each day in America, 22 vets commit suicide. That’s two starting football squads a day. A commercial airliner every three weeks.
A 9/11 every four-and-a-half months. To put this into scale,
14 years of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in approximately 6,000 US combat deaths. 

In that same period of time, the next 14 years, an estimated 112,000 military men and women will die by suicide. Which means that, in some twisted way, coming home from war is more dangerous than leaving to fight in one.