Intel for Veterans


Intel for Veterans


Mission 22 and Full Spectrum Health have partnered to create the WIN program. This is a twelve month program with the goal to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of trauma. It does this by addressing the underlying physiological and psychological imbalances. By the end of the program you will feel calmer in your body and more connected to those around you. 

When you change your physiology you change your psychology. When you change your psychology you change the way you see the world and your place in it. When you change that, you change the mission that drives you. WIN is a one year program that teaches veterans warrior/leader skills to re-establish their transformational role in their families and communities. The method works through balancing hormone and brain chemical imbalances, creating greater alignment with your authentic self. To support this change, key skills of self mastery are taught for greater engagement with heart and mind. 

You will start by having an extensive lab test done to see what is going on on a physiological level. You then meet with the doctor and together will create a personalized twelve month program that is geared specifically for you. Labs can be done where you live and all appointments with the Dr. can be done remotely if you are not local to the Chicago area. This program is all at zero cost to you.



Mission 22 Programs and Partner Programs Also Available

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Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo Sponsorships

Our treatment programs are made better when veterans are also involved in great communities like Crossfit or BJJ. We offer full sponsorships to gyms for anyone going through our Mission 22 programs. 

We also offer stand alone gym sponsorships to veterans who are not able to afford them.  

If you or someone you know needs help funding  training please contact us today for sponsorship. 

If your gym wants to be a partner gym please email us now. 

Hyper vigilance is very hard to control. But it can be controlled. My advice, bring your family and friends in on it. Share your fears. And then move to conquer them. I once carried an imaginary rifle through a grocery store aisle when a muffler backfired in the parking lot. My fiancé noticed and actually had a calming, funny reaction to me doing it, because she understood me and my situation. And know this: It might not be the right time to go out in public today and that’s ok, but make a commitment to yourself and get out there when the time is right for you.
— Magnus Johnson


Mission 22 is proud to present the Veterans Rehab Project. This program consists of comprehensive treatment programs for PTS and TBI.

To apply for any of our programs or learn more about them please CONTACT US TODAY.


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VALOR’s long-term vision is to be able to provide health clinics, homeless shelters, transition homes and recovery sanctuaries for Veterans in need. Until the organization gets the support and funding it needs to make these dreams come true, Baylis and his team of commitment volunteers, have been reaching out to Veterans to provide shelter, food, supplies and access to healthcare. 

In addition, VALOR has spearheaded the creation of a specialized program to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) called Veterans Unstoppable.  The three-phase program spread over several months is facilitated by Veterans for Veterans to foster healthy life adjustments. To find out more click HERE.


K9s For Warriors is the nation’s largest provider of service dogs to military veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. Their program is unique, and no other organization operates quite like K9s For Warriors. Every warrior that walks through the door is family. They provide them with a service canine, equipment, training, certification, seminars, legal instruction, vet care, housing, home cooked meals, unconditional love and listening, and life-time of wrap-around services (including available life-long healthcare and food for their dogs). The K9s program is 100% free for veterans who enter their program.

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Save A Warrior is an innovative, evidence-based program that provides a powerful healing experience for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress. To learn  more about their program click HERE.




For 45 years, NCEFT has been a special place where horses, hope and healing converge and transformation begins. NCEFT is dedicated to helping children, adults and military Veterans reach beyond their boundaries through equine-assisted therapies, education, and research. NCEFT provides clinical hippotherapy, adaptive horseback riding, and Veteran and special-education school programs that measurably rehabilitate a patient’s quality of life.  

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NCEFT is a registered 501(c)3 organization (ID 94-2378104), a Bronze Guidestar.org Participant and a Top-Rated GreatNonProfits.org member with a 5-star rating. Visit nceft.org for more information or follow on Facebook 



The Mighty Oaks Foundation is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs hosts such Men, Women, Mentorship and Marriage Advance Programs at multiple locations nationwide. The Warriors who attend are fully sponsored for training, meals, and lodging needs to ensure that upon arrival to the ranch, each Warrior is focused solely on his or her recovery and identifying purpose moving forward.

There are so many things I would have missed out on if I didn’t force myself to participate. If I hadn’t gone out to the restaurant, I wouldn’t be in an amazing relationship right now. If I didn’t seek out art instruction, I wouldn’t have a company that now does national art projects. And this is coming from a guy who once spent three weeks in his house alone, in bed. It takes time, but you have to push yourself to succeed.
— Magnus Johnson


The Travis Mills Foundation supports combat injured veterans and their families through long term programs that help these heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation. The Travis Mills Foundation created a fully accessible retreat for combat injured veterans and their families. The retreat is uniquely designed, fully accessible comfortable lodge for relaxation, adaptive sports and family recreation.



Operation Tohidu  – helps veterans and active-duty military cope with the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress (PTS), and traumatic brain injury, including PTS related to military sexual trauma.  Tohidu, a word meaning peace of mind, body, and spirit, lives out its name’s promise through retreats in the Maryland countryside. The experiential rehabilitation program focuses on confidence building, outdoor activities, and group discussion.  Click here to learn more about this program. 


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There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you have effective ideas you’d like to share,
let us know. Email us here or tweet us @mission22.



Intel for Families

Wars are won by families. So just as we’d never send a soldier off without
training to win the war, it’s important that you’re trained to help your vet in the transition from soldier to civilian.



Intel for Families

Wars are won by families. So just as we’d never send a soldier off without
training to win the war, it’s important that you’re trained to help your vet in the transition from soldier to civilian.


Mission 22 Ambassadors is a way for you to get direclty involved with Mission 22 and the fight to end veteran suicide. You can create events, advocate in your community and support your local veterans right at home. Click here to join this amazing movement sweeping America! We look forward to having you on the Mission 22 team!! 




The goal of USA Cares is to help restore financial stability and self-sufficiency by giving “a hand up.” They strive to reach families at the earliest stage of intervention to prevent further financial distress and suffering, especially for the combat injured and their families.

USA Cares exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need. To contact them for assistance go HERE.




Is an ever-growing resource for addressing challenges that our veterans face post-service.  

Whether it be a fractured marriage, PTSD/TBI, depression, physical challenges, or lack of purpose, they offer you the resources to reconstruct a life of purpose, empowerment, and giving back.


All Secure Foundation donations will fund scholarships for veterans and their families to offset the costs of treatment programs as we partner with vetted non-profit organizations. Please click HERE for more information. 



SmartDollar is a step-by-step approach to handling money with the number-one authority in personal finance, Dave Ramsey. More than 2 million families have gotten on Dave’s plan and taken control of their money. You can too! They will help you get out of debt, on a budget, and on your way to a smarter future.

Mission 22 has partnered with Ramsey Solutions to offer this program to veterans and their spouses at no cost to them. Please contact us to apply. 



A veteran can’t be the same person in the boardroom that they were on the battleground. And that means creating a new identity. For some, this mission is the hardest yet. Acceptance of the veteran and who they are is paramount.


USA Cares exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11

military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need.  



Expectations are front-loaded resentments. Expecting soldiers to be who they were before they went to combat will lead to frustration. Take every day as it comes. And take them as they are.

Everyone, vets and their families, want things to return exactly as they were before deployment. And that just isn’t going to happen, and that’s ok. People naturally grow, evolve and change based on things that happen in their lives and war only accentuates this. You have to move forward—encourage your vet to look over the horizon and all of you should be open to new evolutions.
— Magnus Johnson


It will seem easier for both the vet and their family to hide what’s hard—to bury the personal battles. But both parties have to be honest about what’s hard, face the enemy together, and never retreat.

Wounded Warrior Project®‎ offers several services to the families of vets here.



Your vet fought for you. Now you get to fight for him. Pick him up when he is down. Be there when he needs backup. And be at the ready to call in reinforcements. Most importantly, tell your soldier each day how good it is to have him home.



There will be days where your soldier is out of commission. They’ll hunker down and stay home. Let them. But also let yourself stay the course. Keep your routine. Don’t let codependency creep in and take you both out of the fight.


If you think you may be in a codependent relationship, take this test.



There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you have effective ideas you’d like to share,
let us know. Email us here or tweet us @mission22.



Intel for Communities

War follows our veterans home. And while we enjoy the freedoms they
secured for us, the battle continues for them. Now it’s our turn to fight.


Intel for Communities

War follows our veterans home. And while we enjoy the freedoms they
secured for us, the battle continues for them. Now it’s our turn to fight.

The Mission Continues empowers veterans facing the challenge of adjusting to life at home to find new missions. They redeploy veterans in their communities, so that their shared legacy will be one of action and service. Through the Mission Continues, veterans serve their country in new ways by engaging in our innovative and action-oriented programs. 


Fellowship Program: A Mission Continues Fellow is a post 9/11 veteran who is selected through an application and interview process. Selected veterans serve 20 hours per week for a nonprofit of their choice within their local communities for six months. During the Fellowship, Fellows will complete a personalized development curriculum with one on one coaching from Mission Continues Staff, and receive a monthly cost of living stipend. 

Service Platoons: Service Platoons are teams of volunteer veterans, service members, and community members that mobilize together to solve a specific challenge in their community. Platoon members volunteer as their time permits and develop their leadership skills while fostering camaraderie with like-minded individuals.



We’re welcoming home heroes. So start with a thank you. But go a step further. Get to know the man or woman behind the uniform. Forge an alliance. It’s not about you—it’s about the connection the two of you are making. And it doesn’t have to be focused on their service. Your conversation is one of hundreds, maybe thousands of small, kind gestures that, over a lifetime, can make the difference for each veteran.

The uniform is the invite and the barrier, meaning it identifies us as warriors which is great because it begins the conversation, but it can also keep the conversation focused on the military experience which can be awkward for the vet and the civilian. So my advice is once you say “thanks for your service” forget about the uniform and focus on the man or woman and be genuine. Take their lead and go where they want to go with the conversation.
— Magnus Johnson

Not sure what to say to a vet? Check out this TED talk for tips.



Community is the ultimate weapon in the war against PTSD and veteran suicide. What help is available to veterans where you live? Gather intel and get involved. Until we unite as a community, the casualties in the war at home will only continue to increase.

I can find an enemy in the remote mountains of a far-off country, but I still don’t know where to find help in my own town.
— Tom Spooner


They fought for us. And now we must fight for them. Commit a small portion of your time to help veterans in need in your community. It could be the difference between losing a hero and saving a life.

The Red Cross has several programs that serve vets.
Here are details on finding volunteer opportunities in your area.



Creating an alliance between the VFW/VA, charities, and your community is the key to victory. Elect a vet to serve as veteran liaison to the community. Someone who understands the issues of those who come home from war face will be able to reach out to—and recruit—those who want to understand.

The IAVA is one of the country’s leading organizations in working with communities
and government to secure benefits for our vets. Learn more here.



With their vast amount of experience, veterans are perfect for leadership positions, law enforcement, and coaches, to name a few. We need more people with the integrity, leadership training, and skills our veterans have acquired during their time in service. Seek them out, engage them, and let them lead.

Hire Heroes is a nationally recognized organization that helps companies
find vets for employment. See their site here.



With the VA extremely backlogged, it’s important for the community to campaign for veterans to receive counseling and simple stress relievers. As an example, encourage local facilities to offer chiropractic and massage services at a discounted rate to veterans. Small tactical advantages add up to be a big statement of support for a struggling vet.

Sign up here to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act to secure better services,
treatment and care to help prevent future veteran suicides.



There are still many who don’t know what PTSD is or how to help. Encourage local media to run positive stories featuring veterans, and you’ll help inform and enlist an army in the war against veteran suicide.